Kyle Spears

“I see things as they are, and accept them as beautiful. I do not seek to create, rather, to capture.”

My work leans towards a graphic and emotional perspective; framing a visual harmony between people and their environment. My method, subject matter, and composition all provide an outlet for my individual interpretation of a moment in time; I press the shutter-release, I capture a world of color, shape, and texture and respond to the effects of light, interpreting my experiences and images seen through my viewfinder with insight and intention.

The idea of a photograph, the thought or experiences that inspire the print, is just the start. My work is intentionally printed with hard contrasts, setting the mood I wish to convey and visually inviting the viewer in. I incorporate traditional and digital printing techniques to expose a specific component, be it an understated or exemplified element within the composition. I continually explore the textural and tonal elements of each image.

Traditional and digital photography mediums are interrelated; with both offering a means for translation of emotion and graphic conceptualization.